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Brands Hatch - 28/03/11

The 2011 Pickup Truck Racing season kicked off this weekend at Brands Hatch in Kent, not only did the 37 truck see a change of graphics but it was also the first Pickup Truck to have changed to the New Petrol Inject Engine. Qualifying got to a great start with Neil qualifying 9th, putting him second place on the grid for Sundays first race, however by Q2 the rain started to fall, Neil qualified 11th. In Sunday Race 1 Neil started second place on the grid however at the first corner he got pushed wide down ‘paddock hill bend’ causing a few drivers to pass, there was then a heated battle between Neil and Carl Boardley #41, where there was a coming together At ‘Druids’ which left Carl in a spin. Neil then gained more pace but a leak on the clutch pipe caused the clutch to keep slipping. On the Last Lap of the race Neil was 9th place, however after a bit of drifting on the last corner in the gravel, t left a gap for Carl to get past. Neil Finished in 10th place. After a little bit of TLC fixing the clutch pipe, Neil then started Race 2 from 11th place on the grid. Neil had a great race and ended up in a heated fight between Phil White #63 and Nick White #36. Neil finished the race in 7th place and the truck seemed to be handling a lot better with the new engine. We are now 9th place in the Overall Championship, please click here to see the full leader board.

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