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Donington Park Challenge Cup Stage 2 - 16/05/11

We headed back to Donington this weekend for the second stage in the Donington Challenge Cup. Qualifying took place late Saturday afternoon, but just before Neil went out he found the steering rack a bit loose, however after a quick inspection in the pits the team decided it would be alright for him to continue safely. During qualification Neil also found that the truck wasn’t handling quite as good as it could have been, so we decided to do some alterations to the trucks setup later in the evening. A wet Race 1 took place midday Saturday after it was temporarily postponed for 40 minutes while the concrete wall was repaired from a previous race. However as the pickup trucks waited in Pit Lane rain continued to fall. With it slowing every now and again, teams struggled to make a decision whether to go for wet or slick tyres, several teams decided to stick with there slick tyres and some went 50/50 but we took the decision to put on all 4 wet tyres, and the decision paid off as Neil came 10th. Race 2 then took place later in the afternoon when lucky the weather had dried up. Neil started the race from the 4th row of the grid, he held his position through the start of the first Lap but was later hit behind the driver door by rookie Paul Tompkins, this then spun Neil off the track, thankfully not much damage was caused and the snatcher vehicle was able to get him out the gravel quickly. Neil was then able to continue the race, trying his best to catch up with the rest of the pack, managing to pass new comer Mel Collins and finishing in 13th place. In the Overall Championship we have maintain our 7th Position for the full Leader Board please click here. We would also like to congratulate our competition winner Mr M Clark who guessed the correct answer ‘Biscuit.’

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