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Donington Park Challenge Cup Stage 3 - 20/06/11

This weekend the Pickup Trucks were back at Donington for the third and final rounds of the ‘Donington Challenge Cup’, however unlike the last 2 meetings we used the full grand prix track which introduced a new challenge for the drivers, it was also a new experience for Neil who had never used the full grand prix track, which included the Melbourne loop and Goddards. Qualifying took place late Saturday afternoon and luckily the rain didn’t make a appearance. Neil went out for the first session and the pickup setup felt good however after a few alterations in pit lane it went even better. Sunday morning Race 1 took place, Neil started from the 5th row. The race got to a great start and Neil was up into 9th place, but then on Lap 8 Neil had a minor coming together with Nick White 36 at the Melbourne Loop Hairpin however they were both able to continue, Neil eventually finished the race in 8th place, 0.605 seconds behind Damien Carr 14. After a very lengthy wait race 2 then took place, we started again from row 5, but a few laps into the race Neil had a spin at Goddards, this meant the pack was able to get away. Slowly regaining positions Neil managed to finish the race 10th. Overall Neil came 8th this weekend gaining 320 points, this has now moved us up to 6th place in the overall championship.

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