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Donington Round 13, 14 & 15 - 11/08/09

This weekend saw our first Circuit meeting of 2009, and the first ever Pickup Truck meeting to have 2 Heats and a Final. The weather was on our side this weekend with 2 consecutive days of sun, Donington also showed the biggest grid of the year with 2I drivers. Race 1 took place Saturday afternoon where Neil came 17th gaining 120 points, then Race 2 took place on Sunday along with Race 3. Neil came 15th -130 points and 13th - 150 points. At the weekend Neil came Overall 13th, and managed to improve his lap times by 3 seconds. We also had an extra team member for Donington Park, our new machanic Ben. who we would like to welcome. The next meeting is at Thruxton this weekend (15th - 16th August) which we will be attending.

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