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Mallory Park LOROS ‘Truck Show & Firework Extravaganza’ - 09/11/11

This weekend the Relssert Racing Team were at Mallory Park taking part in the LOROS Charity ‘Truck Show & Firework Extravaganza.’ The team had the pickup on display which gave the opportunity for children to have there photo in the pickup, with over 150 Children sitting in the pickup in the space of 3 hours. Neil also took part in the Stop & Go in Pickup Truck 37 along with some of the BTRA Trucks. A great weekend came to a close when the team were given the chance of a passenger ride in Richard Collett’s BTRA Truck and Neil even got a chance to drive the Truck. You can see videos from the weekend including Neil driving Richard Collett’s BTRA Truck on our new Facebook Page ‘Pickup Truck Racing - Relssert Racing' or on our new YouTube page.

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