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Mallory Park Rounds 8, 9 & 10 - 14/07/10


This weekend saw a great meeting for the Pickup Trucks at Mallory Park, a track that the Pickups had not raced for a number of years and with the largest grid of the season so far. 3 Races took place at Mallory Park, Race 1 having 16 Laps, 19 Laps in Race 2 which got extended due to Damien Carr’s pickup setting on fire (which was repaired for the final), and 20 Laps for the Final. In Race 1 Neil came 13th gaining 140 points, the pickup trucks were averaging 90 mph. Then in Race 2 Neil had a minor scare at ‘Devils Elbow’ when the car decided to get a mind of its own, but he still came 12th place. Race 3 looked like it was going to rain so everyone started to gather together there wet tyres, however we took the decision not to and it paid off with the rain starting just after the race. Neil got off to a great start until Lap 3 when the halfshalf broke, ending our race prematurely. Unfortunately the DNF in Race 3 means that we have now moved down to 11th position in the championship.

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