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Mallory Park ‘Truck Show and Firework Extravaganza’ - 03/11/11

The racing season may have come to a close but it doesn’t stop there, Relssert Racing will be at Mallory Park this weekend, Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th November with the 37 Pickup Truck for part of Mallory Park’s ‘Truck Show and Firework Extravaganza.’ Entertainment includes: - A Truck Show for local truckers and Fans, showing off some of the impressive BTRA Trucks along with some of the top drivers. - A static display of American, Custom and Standard immaculate trucks. - A stop and go competition (the art of accelerating without spinning wheels and then stopping from around 40mph within a one-foot margin) - Truck and Trailer reversing through coned (a real art skill) - Demonstration Laps from the super-fast 5.5 tonne race trucks (includes demonstration laps from Pickup Truck #37) - LOROS Firework Display on Saturday Evening For more information please see or call 01455 842931. Tickets cost £10 for adults, accompanied under 16 yrs free of charge.

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