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One Last Time at Rockingham Motor Speedway

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Last weekend saw Neil and the team head to Rockingham Motor Speedway (22/23rd September), it was an emotional weekend for all involved as not only did it conclude the 2018 Oval Championship but also the last time the Pickup Truck Racing Championship would be seen on the UKs only purpose built Super Speedway (which is due to close in December.)

With this in mind we were determined to go out on a high; and with the first ever 'Dash for Cash' and 'Pitstop Challenge' on the final ever race it was definitely one to remember.

Saturday morning saw an early practice session with Neil getting a feel for the #37 truck before qualifying later in the afternoon. Race 1 however wouldn't be determined by qualification, instead this was down to championship position so with the team being unable to attend the previous oval meeting this meant Neil lined up on Row 6 of the grid besides Dean Tompkins #21. Neil had an amazing race battling hard throughout the race, which also included a small love tap with the infamous concrete wall between turns 2 and 3, finishing in 11th place.

It was then on to the 'Dash for Cash' on Sunday, this time Neil lined up on Row 7 of the grid next to Paul Jones #82. Neil had a fantastic start, with the pitlane window open from lap 15 to 22 we decided to get in early so Spotter Larissa made the call on lap 15. With Mark flagging Neil in and Larissa on the radios, it was then up to Margaret changing the front wheel, Natasha on the rear wheel, while Mike was on the jack. The team did a brilliant job and Neil was soon back out on track. We couldn't say goodbye however without leaving one last mark on the wall as Neil had a bit of a moment going through turn 4, nevertheless Neil ploughed on battling finishing in 14th place.

Of course you cant just leave the home of Pickup Truck Racing without saying a proper goodbye so the pickup headed on to the start straight along with Terry Grant to do some proper American style donuts.

Photo courtesy of Graham Bloomfield

We had a brilliant weekend and we hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did, it was certainly a tear jerker as we left the gates for the final time. We are really proud of all the things we managed to achieve at Rockingham Motor Speedway throughout the years and we feel very privileged to have been able to have used such an amazing facility. Well done to everyone involved in making the final such a special one.

Photo courtesy of Holbon Photography

Photo courtesy of Colin Cragg

We're also really pleased to say that we came 12th in the Oval Championship despite missing the previous meeting, with 21 drivers taking part in the Oval Championship this year.

On a last note we would once again like to say a massive thank you Rockingham Motor Speedway, you really did create the most amazing memories that we will never forget, thank you.

Photo courtesy of Mark Flounders -

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