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Pembrey - 03/04/12

📷The 2012 Pickup Truck Racing Championship got underway this weekend at Pembrey, Wales, and although the weekenddidn’t start off quiet the way we planned, it finished on a high. The 37 truck was revealed Saturday morning supporting our new graphics for 2012, courtesy of L & N Graphic Designs. More photos by Relssert Racing and Richard Francis can now be found on our media page.

The season kicked off with Qualifying and Race 1 on Saturday.However it didn’t get off to a good start for the team with the truck being extremely lose on the back end, despite changes throughout the day nothing we did would improved the setup. After race 1 the team decided we’drescale the truck and in doing so we also found a bent rose joint on the watts linkage. Race 2 started Sunday morning but despite the changes it still seem to be incredibly lose. Neil came in from the race and we found that the new rose joint had worked itself undone. After tightening it back up we discussed what we could do and decided that we would make some radical changes for race 3.This paid off dramatically with the truck handling 110% better, and we finished 7th place.

Our next races take place in 3 weeks time when we head to Brands Hatch in Kent on the 21-22nd April, where we willagain be supporting the BTRA Trucks, Legends and more. Ticket and a Timetable can now be found on our calendar page.

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