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Rockingham Round 11 & 12 - 21/07/09


We were at Rockingham Motor Speedway this weekend for Round 11 & 12 of the Pickup Truck Racing Championship. The weekend started good on Saturday with two 13th Positions in Qualifying. Race 1 on Sunday was mostly dry with very small amounts of drizzle, however on lap 2 John Mickel hit the wall. Neil came 11th in the First Race (150 points). The weather then started to subside before Race 2 when the rain descended on Rockingham, and there was a rush to decide what tyres to use, we decided to use all wets. On lap 11 the safety car emerged, and we again had to decide f to change the tyres as the track was drying out slowly, but we stuck with wets, Neil finished the Race in 10th position (155 points). Now in the Rockingham Championship we stand 8th and in the Overall Championship 16th. The Next Meeting is at Donington Park on the 8-9 August.

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