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Rounds 1 5 & 16 at Snetterton 2021

Well that certainly was a hectic one! Although qualifying didn't go quite to plan with the truck not feeling quite right, this wasnt a issue as we were due to start from the back of the grid for missing the previous meeting at Donington Park.

After finding the watts linkage had dropped (its's always the simplest things that cause the most chaos) the team worked hard resetting the truck up ready for Sunday's 2 races.

Race 1, Neil got to a brilliant start however a spin at Murrays picked up some front end damage allowing several trucks to take advantage, but managing to get back on it Neil finish 15th.

The team got hard to work fixing the damage before a torrential downpour before race 2. After being declared a wet race it was time for a quick tyre change before heading back down to the assembly area, only for the racing god's to decide this wasn't an option, with the alternator choosing this exact moment to drain the battery of all it's juice.

Although frustrating, it happens sometimes, and it was still brilliant to be back at Snetterton for the first time in 8 years.

A massive thank you to the team who always put in 1000 percent regardless of what the racing god's throw at us.

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