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Snetterton - 26/09/11

After a 5 year gap the Pickup Truck Racing Championship was back at Snetterton Park this weekend for another 2 action packed races. It was also a whole new challenge for Neil and the Relssert Racing team who had never visited or raced at the track before. The day began with qualifying, in the early part of the Q1 Neil began to learn the track and with the vast amount of rubber laid down by the drifting cars at ‘Murray’ corner the track surface proved demanding. In the first session Neil came 12th, Q2 then commenced on Lap 6 where Neil knocked 3 seconds of his Q1 time qualifying 9th and place Neil on the front row for the second race. Race 1 started after dinner. Neil grided up for the race on Row 5 with Lee Rogers #69 on the inside and Nic Grindrod #22 in front on Row 4. As the first lap got underway Neil maintained his ground through ‘Montreal’ bend and along the ‘Bentley Straight’, but then at ‘Nelson’ corner Michael Smith #93 cut in front and was about to take Lee Rogers #69 when his pickup came out of the corner with 2 wheels at a 45 degree angle after hitting the curb and almost tipping it over. Neil then continued finishing in 12th position. The second and final race of the day then took place at 5pm with Neil on the front row next to Lee Rogers #69 on pole. Neil got a fantastic start an managed to gain a three truck advantage, leading the race all the way to a very slippery ‘Murray’ corner, where the drifting cars had again laid a thick amount of tyre rubber, this caused Neil to have a big off onto the grass. Luckily Neil was able to regain control of the pickup but had lost a lot of his ground putting him into 9th place where he finished. This weekend Neil scored 309 points, which added to his total overall points is 3756, this means we’ve maintained our 4th position in the Overall Championship. Please click here for our full leader board. Our next meeting takes place at Rockingham Motor Speedway this coming weekend on the 1st October which is the final Oval event for 2011, it will also be the only oval event this year where 3 Races will take place in 1 day so don’t miss it!

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