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Snetterton Preview - 19 /09/11

After a hectic week the Relssert Racing Team finally got round to the workshop this weekend to start setting the Pickup Truck up for Snetterton. At Mallory Park the team had found two buckled wheels and a bent top left wish bone from the crash on Race 2, but as we took a closer look at the pickup this weekend we found much deeper damage. First the Team found that the bottom right wishbone had been bent and the bearings inside the hub had broken, we then found that the watts linkage had been twisted causing it to rub a deep grove into the diff (which explained the over steer in the final race.) We our now waiting for spare parts to get the Truck back up and running for Snetterton this coming weekend. In the meantime the truck is undergoing a paint and vinyl touch up courtesy of L & N Graphic Designs, we have also replaced the window screen. Snetterton takes place on the 25th September where the Pickup Truck Racing Championship will be supporting Modified Live and the BTRA. For tickets and more information please see Tickets for the Pickup Truck Racing Championships annual Awards Night are now available, please remember that anyone can go you don’t have to be part of a team. For more information please contact the Pickup Truck Management Team.

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