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Thank you Rockingham Motor Speedway

Thank you Rockingham Motor Speedway for all the memories, it is down to you that our family became the motorsport racing team we are today.

It all started with a normal family outing to watch the ASCARs back in 2002, however little did we know just how significant this day would become.

With the ASCARs roaring into life and the packed stadium stamping there feet along to 'Queens - We Will Rock You' we

were immediately hooked. This was the day our passion for motorsport kick started and our racing journey began. We soon brought a National Legend Car where we took part in our first race at the Rockingham BTCC meeting back in 2003.

We were then super excited to buy a Pickup Truck in 2007, after passing the high speed licence to enable you to race around Rockingham's Monster Oval (along with SCSA approved spotters licences for Larissa and Margaret,) we headed straight on to the Monster Oval for our first ever Pickup Truck Racing meeting. the buzz was absolutely incredible and we've been racing on the Monster Oval ever since...

We all have dreams and ambitions in life and to be able to compete on the Monster Oval at Rockingham Motor Speedway with your family by your side, my wife (Margaret) as crew chief and my 2 daughters, Larissa spotting and Natasha mechanicing on pit lane is something really special.

We have had some truly amazing memories at Rockingham Motor Speedway including winning the Pickup Truck Racing Rookie Championship back in 2007, being crowd Vice Rockingham Oval Champion back in 2011 and we've made some lifelong friends along the way.

We just hope that this really isn't the end for Rockingham Motor Speedway with them closing the doors at the end of 2018, its an incredible facility and deserves to be used for the purpose it was built.

For all those who have ever wanted to watch the closest thing to NASCAR style racing in the UK, this really could be your last chance. Please come and support the Pickup Truck Racing Championship on the Monster Oval at Rockingham Motor Speedway on the 22/23rd September, lets make it a weekend to remember!

Just a few of our favourite memories....

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