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Tressler left upbeat after a worthy performance - 15/04/14


Relssert Racing’s Neil Tressler left upbeat after a worthy performance at this weekend’s opening rounds of the 2014 Pickup Truck Racing Championship. Kicking off at the world famous Brands Hatch in Kent, the weekend saw vast crowds of motorsport fanatics as once again the Pickup Truck Racing Championship supported the heavy weights of motorsport – the British Truck Racing Championship.

Tressler was eager to get out on track and test the new 2.3 GM engine built by AP Racing Engines and it was not long before Neil was putting in some fast laps over the qualifying segments. Qualifying seventh in Q1 and with clear pace Q2 began, however the track was soon left slippery as the number 8 of David O’Regan engine blew covering the back straight in a thick layer of engine oil. Neil battled through and managed a respectable ninth. 

In a confident frame of mind Tressler entered round 1. Neil powered his way through the opening laps. On a charge Tressler pursued Murray and whilst feeling pressure from behind off 82’s Paul Jones, Neil finished a solid ninth place.

Some dramatic setup changes and considerable gearbox leak fixed it was then time to head out for race two. Another decent start saw Neil hold position however any progress was soon scuppered after an incident saw the safety car on track. Restarted Tressler carried on battling his way up the order engaging in a close battle with the number 12 truck of Paul Tompkins seeing Tressler finish ninth.

“This weekend has been such a learning curve” Said Tressler “the truck showed great speed and with the change of setup after race two it handles even more responsively.”

Tressler now stands eight in the championship, with the next stop for the 2014 Pickup Truck Racing Championship being the monster mile and a half oval of Rockingham Motor Speedway in Corby, on the 17th May.

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